Central Gas Ventures focuses on commercial venture opportunities in emerging markets where bulk LPG distribution is under developed. In these countries, bulk systems will improve the quality of life for households and also stimulate economic development by offering more efficient energy solutions for commercial business, agriculture and industry. LPG can also have a significant developmental impact in emerging markets. Nearly half the world�s population or three billion people rely on wood, coal, charcoal or animal waste for cooking. Burning biomass impacts the social, environmental and economic lives of communities. Exposure to indoor pollution from this type of cooking causes the deaths of four million people annually along with countless other preventable illnesses. Woman and children spend hours a day collecting firewood away from their families instead of doing more productive work and attending school. Deforestation and climate change also result from biomass cooking. Providing the means to cook with LPG greatly reduces these outcomes delivering enormous community health benefits. The bulk LPG distribution infrastructure developed for commercial ventures in emerging markets can simultaneously serve developmental projects for low income households.

LPG also offers significant environmental benefits. It produces very low greenhouse gas emissions, especially when taking into account the total fuel cycle. Moreover, a high proportion of LPG's energy content is converted into heat, making it up to five times more efficient than traditional fuels. As a gas, LPG is easier to control, which enables LPG to achieve higher efficiencies with all the energy delivered by the fuel being efficiently utilized by the application or device. LPG Equipment manufacturers recognize and exploit these inherent advantages through optimized designs that allow LPG to deliver higher efficiencies than many other fuels. For these reasons, LPG is an ideal transition and backup fuel for solar, wind and other renewable energy systems that are also being actively pursued in many emerging markets.