About Us

Central Gas Ventures (CGV) is an international project development company that specializes in developing and managing bulk Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) ventures in emerging markets. Bulk LPG is an energy solution for off-grid energy consumers who are not connected to natural gas pipelines. CGV specializes in the design, installation, commissioning, operation and financing of bulk LPG distribution ventures for customers and developments away from utility service areas.

CGV is now expanding beyond its Middle East focus, where over the past 10 years, CGV has been responsible for thousands of bulk LPG installations, serving more than 20,000 customers. In Jordan, where all LPG consumers had been dependent on inefficient cylinders, CGV was the first to introduce bulk LPG technology in 2005, which now accounts for more than 20% of LPG consumption in the country. In Iraq, CGV has been responsible for the engineering and installation of multiple industrial projects that have been financed by the U.S. and Iraqi governments. And in the West Bank, CGV has been responsible for the engineering of reticulated systems that will be connecting thousands of residential housing units.